Carpet production in Morocco

Morocco is a country where the famous Berber rugs are manufactured.
The moroccan manufactures can be divided in several categories.

The sophisticated arabian tradition has had meny cultural exchanges with the countries of the Mediterranean area and has been influenced by the Ottoman styles until the beginning of the XX century.

On the contrary the rural manufacturers have kept the Berber cultural traditions and stylistic purity until the beginning of the last Century and, since the European demand for those rugs can be dated to the same time, the rugs were produced for personal use or for the local market only.

In the Middle Atlas region, reaching 3200 meters in height, the climate is so cold that the rugs made in these areas have a very long and thick pile.
They are made with symmetric or berber knot.
In the Northeastern part the so called Beni Ouarain rugs are very spread.

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