Carpet production in Nepal

Nepal is a small Country completely covered with mountains. One of it's main resources is sheep breeding.
Those sheeps produce one of the best kind of wool for rug making with very long fibers and rich of lanoline, which is very soft and has a good resistance in time.

The thickness and the touch of those rugs are very soft and this is one of the main reasons of their success.
The yarn used for the weft is rather thin, but very elastic and very close knotted.

The contemporary rugs produced in this country, with abstract patterns, are "color" more than anything else.
Their design is often simple or even absent, therefore color is the key to understand those rugs.
There are examples of this with exclusive colors and unique color shades also in our collection. The slight color changes and the inlaid silk give personality and uniqueness to those rugs.

The advantage of Nepalese rugs is their semplicity.
They meet the needs of the designers because the used colors are, usually, very easy to coordinate. Further, Nepal is the only country in which we produce rugs in banana silk fiber.

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