Carpet production in Pakistan

The production of rugs in Pakistan started the same way it started in India and, when the country was separated from India many “knotters”, being Muslims, moved to Pakistan.

Most of them worked at Lahore and Karachi and the rug production was supported by the government through the importation of good quality yarn. Traditionally Pakistan knotters use vegetal dyes.

The rugs actually produced in Pakistan are made with Australian wool, crafted to make it shine, which makes the rug look similar to silk.
Those rugs, with their very high knot density, offer a high resistance at a lower price than Persian rugs.

The weft is usually in cotton. Some of the wefts are made with a single yarn and others with a double one.
The most used color of these rugs is red, but there can be also other ones.

A Pakistani rug normally has a shorter and harder pile and a more interweaved base.

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