Carpet production in Turkey

In Turkey the tradition of vegetal dyes was and still is very important, as well as the hand teasing process.

Some of the rugs have lighter colors and some others stronger ones. Having a short and soft pile and a low knot density they are rather delicate and, therefore, underestimated by many.
The main type of rugs available in Turkey are those made in the small turkish villages.

Turkish, or Anatolian, rugs have been produced since the XIII century and examples have been found in Konya, for a long time the most important manufacturing city in Turkey.
The rugs made between the XVI and the XVII centuries are as precious as Persian ones.

The Turkish rug knotting tradition has been strongly influenced by the Greek culture.
Those rugs are grosser, made in wool, cotton and silk and knotted with the Turkish knot, also called Ghiordes or Turkbaff.
The main themes are geometric figures. There are no portrays of living creatures, since the Koran doesn’t allow it

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