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V+T design studio was created in 2008 after the meeting between Gianni
Veneziano and Luciana Di Virgilio. A team of creative professionals and
‘conceptual thinkers’ with specific and complementary skills composes the
studio. They interact throughout different design processes, such as
restructuring, interior, industrial, graphic, exhibition and management design.
The studio explores several fields of design, aiming to reach final solutions of
strong emotional impact. Particular focus is devoted to integrated
communication, in a unique process that includes creativity, passion, technology
and strategic thinking. The philosophy of the studio assigns to the concept of
‘function’ the responsibility of defining shapes and structures, in a simple and
intuitive way: maintaining a highly artistic approach, open to experimentation
and contamination in a mix between experience and innovation. The work of
the studio has been published on some of the most important design magazines
and during local and international exhibitions. Moreover, the role of curators of
exhibitions is to be highlighted, such as ‘Il Segno dei Designer’ (‘The Sign of
Designers’) for Triennale Design Museum in Milan. Gianni Veneziano donated
those works to Triennale museum, so that they have become part of its
permanent collection.

Gianni Veneziano, architect and designer, graduated in architecture in 1979 at
the University of Florence. In his final thesis he focused on ‘Design of
Architecture and Designed Architecture’, with Adolfo Natalini, central themes
for the works of art he displayed in galleries and museums. Between 1979 and
1981 he resided in the U.S.A, experience that allowed him a growth of main
relevance for his career: indeed the debate about ‘post-modern movement’ was
the first architectonic experience of Veneziano. In 1987 in Milan he founded
‘Oxido’ Gallery for art and architecture projects with Prospero Rasulo, now
known as ‘Oxido Zoo’. He can boast collaborations with many companies such as
Gervasoni, Lumi, Sisal, Barovier e Toso, Ortolan, Fatto ad Arte, Fine Factory and
many others. He held courses in several design schools and academies. His works
are displayed in many galleries and museums.

Luciana Di Virgilio, designer, graduated in Industrial Design in Florence. Her
working life began in 2005, characterized by a very wide approach through
product and graphic design working with design companies. She developed
projects and corporate identities, interior design projects for private clients and
exhibition designs for shows such as ‘Abitare il Tempo’ (‘Inhabiting Time’) in
Verona and also for Triennale Design Museum in Milan. One of her works
belongs to Triennale permanent collection. In 2011 she received a mention of
honour from Raymond Loewy Foundation. In 2012 she cured and conducted a
radio show about design on the Italian Capital radio and she is a blogger for the

Carpets designed by Veneziano e Di Virgilio | V+T

  • Human Circle Paradiso
  • Human Circle Inferno

Veneziano e Di Virgilio |  V+T

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