NODUS Bespoke

The whole Nodus research process leads to an excellent service of custom made rugs, completely focused on the needs of the customer.
For us custom made means to develop completely new projects based on the customer’s desires.

We can customize:
production costs
production time

We create rugs for every kind of environment:
public spaces of every kind

How we develop a project
Based on the manufacturing technique we decide the definition of the rug and the costs and production time.
Once the project starts usually the first step is the making of a sample to check the conformity with the requested charachteristics.
The materials are always selected and of the highest quality, for example: wool, silk, hemp, linen, banana silk and many others.
For the choice of the colors we have more than 1200 colors of wool, 700 colors of silk and viscose and many other samples, in different techniques.
To make a project from the very beginning means to plan everything in it’s smallest detail, giving our customers a real “on demand” solution.
The work in progress is documented by pictures, in order to be constantly up to date.
Speditions will be organized basing on the given times and budgets: for fast, but more expensive deliveries, by air and for slower, but less expensive deliveries by sea.

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